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Go Kart

Go kart Åland

Go kart in Lemland, is only 5 km from Svinöstugby and will be a fun adventure for the family. Transport can be arranged (minibus) at an extra cost. Book in advance when booking the cottage. For more information about Go kart visit http://karting.ax

Go kart Åland Drop-in

€14 / 10 minutes, adult and the double kart
€12 / 10 minutes, children

€35, 3 x 10 minutes adult and double
€30, 3 x 10 minutes children


Information & rules

Member of our parent organization ÅMK

As a member of ÅMK, we offer a 10% discount on all products, except when booking the entire course. You can find out how you can become a member of ÅMK by visiting ÅMK’s website www.amk.ax. Becoming a member of ÅMK costs: 0-17 years 10€, 18-65 years 25€, 66+ years 10€ and supporting member 20€. All fees are per year. A member of ÅMK also receives discounts from most of the club’s sponsors. You can find more about this on ÅMK’s website.

Trackside kiosk

During the normal manned opening hours, you can shop small and good in our kiosk on the track (see opening hours). Please note that for group rentals during the months of May and September, the range is severely limited.

Helmets & Helmet Hoods

Helmets are always mandatory on the track. We have helmets in sizes S, M, L and XL and a helmet is included when you rent a kart. Bring your own helmet if these sizes don’t suit you!

Helmet hoods are mandatory when using the track’s helmets as we want to keep the helmets fresh for you and the next guest! The helmet hoods are returned when you leave the track and washed between each user! Alternatively, you can buy your own helmet hood for €5 and you will have your own forever. Bring your own helmet hood or helmet when you come to the track if you don’t want to rent or buy from us!


Drop-in is only possible during June, July and August and during normal opening hours (see under the “OPENING HOURS” tab). Drop-in cannot be booked in any way, so first check that the course is not booked when you intend to drive. You can do that under the BOOKING tab.

The entire track rental always goes before the drop-in! At the drop-in, you can’t count on driving “alone with your friends!” If you want to be sure to drive alone, you have to rent the entire course. The goal is to keep approx: 6-8 cars on the track at a time. In addition, it is usually more fun with more people on the course at the same time! Please read about weather restrictions under rules below.

Group booking the entire course

Renting the track for an hour or two is probably the most common for larger groups who don’t want a theme but just take turns driving completely free. If you want to book the course for more than an hour, that’s also fine. However, the minimum time is 1 hour.

For bookings over 3 hours, contact us by email first for a special price!

How you want to divide it is something you agree with the staff on the course or just take care of yourself. The entire course per hour can be rented from 6 – 8 maps and you can find the prices under the prices tab! There are many ways to split the drive and you choose what you think is best for you. Tailor-made events are also possible!

To make an event possible, we need to register you. In addition to this, you must be in time for payment, try out helmets, be informed of rules, etc.

Groups of up to 15 people must be there 30 minutes before the event starts, 15-30 people 45 minutes before the start and larger groups than that 60 minutes before the start! Booking the entire track by the hour is fine between May 1 – September 30. If the weather is right, it can also go before or after these dates, the question is free!

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