1,500 hectares of hunting ground is available for tower hunting for deer and waterfowl. The season will start on 15 August with buck and f.r.o.m September 1 hunting deer at all. In Åland it swings about 4,000 deer per year. Permitted hunting with dogs is approved from October 1, during the period August 15 to September 30 are only allowed hunting from a tower. Svinö Cabins also participates actively in a game management association in Åland. It projects to the various proposals for the development of various forms of hunting guest and group collaborates blah. with the provincial government. Bow hunting for deer is also possible and the plant has special areas for this form of hunting. To hunt with bow needed special rules, please contact us if interested

Hunting permit

For hunting, a valid hunting license (must be sent a copy via email alt. By fax) on the plant., Åland hunting license may be ordered in advance, but no later than 2 weeks before the hunt date. The price of the Åland hunting card is 20 euros.


  • Seat 50 €
  • Killing 50 €
  • Cheetah, goat and small animals 100 €
  •  Bock 4-6 tags 300 €
  •  Tracking 150 €
  •  Meat 10 € per kg

Bow Hunting

For bow hunting required Ålandic hunting license (see above), international or Danish hunting license (IBEP), approved bow and arrow, Ålandic archery sample also can be built on-site.
Lower Fees
The following fees apply to convictions of animals.